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The Stig
Large Scalextric Track
Sporting Bears - Dream Rides
Aston Martin DB5
Super Car Display
Gordon Keeble Display
Speedy Pix photo booth
Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos
Fantastic Raffle
Trigger the Train
And More

The Stig

The Stig
Some say he is now out of a job!
All we know is that he will be at next years Concorde Classics 2018

The Stig at the show 2017

Stig watching F1
The Stig watching Italian Grand Prix at the show in 2017

Come along and meet 'The Stig' and have your photo taken with him

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Scaletrix Track


This year we have Scaletrix Party attending witha large Scalextric track for you to set your fastest time around the track. The winner with the fastest time will win a prize.

The track layout we hope to be the Monza track to coincide with the Italian Grand Prix which is running this day

Track 2

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Sporting Bears - Dream Rides

D:\Sporting Bears\Useful Data\DR_Logo3.gif

The Sporting Bears are a club of car enthusiasts whose sole objective is to have fun using their cars whilst raising money for Childrens charities. We raise money through our Dream Rides event where we offer rides in our cars to the general public for a minimum donation to the charity we are supporting for each event, every penny raised goes to charity.
The concept is simple, we are able to offer the public the opportunity to experience their dream car by taking them out on a 10 mile passenger ride. Over the 22 years the Sporting Bears have been fundraising we have raised a massive £850,000 for our charities.
Our members have all sorts of cars, classic, sports, exotic or ultimate to provide the widest ability to satisfy the Dreams that the general public seek to enjoy.

However no amount of words can describe the excitement of having a ride in your dream car, whatever it may be.

F40 doing Dream Ride

Visit the Dream Rides page for cars you can ride in at this years show


Have a look at a Dream Ride from last years show


Have a look at this video clip which shows Dream Rides working at the NEC Classic Car show


Why not visit their website by clicking on the bear below

D:\Sporting Bears\Useful Data\Colour_Logo.jpg

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Aston Martin DB5

Ex Sir Paul McCartney's


This 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was first owned by the legendary ex-Beatles singer, song writer Paul (now Sir Paul) McCartney.

Glove box aston

 McCartney ordered this DB5 just prior to The Beatles world tour in the summer of 1964, with the car delivered to his accountants on 22 September 1964. He owned the car until 1970. Originally finished in Sierra Blue with black leather trim, one of the unusual options specified by McCartney was a Philips Auto-Mignon record player, which the Aston Martin still has today in perfect working order. The 64 MAC registration was a later addition to make the connection with Paul McCartney’s previous ownership of the car.  Having purchased the DB5 in 2012, current owner Mr. Bray commissioned a full nut-and-bolt restoration, undertaken by renowned Aston Martin specialists Alan Smith Workshop in Kent, with the engine upgraded to 4.2-litres too during the four-year restoration.  As well as attracting celebrity customers such as Paul McCartney, the DB5 is also famous for being the most recognised cinematic James Bond car, first appearing in the 1964 film Goldfinger.

Aston Front

Aston Side

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Super Car Display

We will again be having a fantatsic display of Ferrari's as well as some other lovely Super Cars

Wessex Ferrari is an area group of the Ferrari Owners Club
and this year will have around 23 Ferrari's on display from old classics like a Testyarossa right up to the new 488 GTB and the wonderful F40, as below.


As well as cars like:

Koenigsegg Agera RAgera R

and lots more.....

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Face Painting and Glitter Tatoos

Diamond Logo
Face Paints
This year you will have the chance to have your face painted or get a glitter tatoo, open to all ages.

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Fantastic Raffle

We are running a wonderful raffle throughout the show, with lots of wonderful prizes

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Gordon Keeble Display

Gordon Keeble

Gordon Keebles were Eastleighs very own Super Car. They started production in 1964 and just over 100 were ever built and just 94 remain. We will be having a stunning display of 6 of these extremely rare cars and will be quite a site.


They were built at Eastleigh, Southampton, on the airfield site in a building famous for the production of the early Supermarine Spitfire aircraft.

Keeble 2
Visit the Gordon Keeble Car Club web site for more information by clicking here

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Speedy Pix photo booth

Speedy Pix

Have your photo taken in our specialist Photo Booth
from Speedy Pix

Photo booth

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Trigger the Train

Trigger the Train

To transport you in style in the public car park of Mott Macdonalds we have Trigger the Train, who will be giving free rides throughout the day.

Trigger started life as a Suzuki super carry panel van, built during 1990 taking over 1,003 hours to convert. It is based on 4 damaged Suzuki panel vans to form an engine and 2 carriages, one with combined guards van, built in my garden by myself and Evan Morgan. It is 46 feet long, bellows smoke and makes authentic chuff chuff noises. It will do 70 M.P.H.

It is completely street legal although I can only tow one carriage on the highway. It is believed to be the only street legal motorway cruising train in the country.

Visit Trigger the Train web site to find out more

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All profits will go to Naomi House childrens hospice

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